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Double office screen

Abby's product is specially designed for small project teams, clean and tidy, open office environment, convenient communication to solve problems, stimulate ideas and stimulate work interest. The Abby screen desk is easy to communicate, and the simple and open modern office furniture design makes the office space more clean and comfortable. The mobile cabinet is equipped to allow employees to better handle their personal belongings.

According to the style of furniture, it can be divided into: modern furniture, European classical furniture, American furniture, Chinese classical furniture, neo-classical furniture.

European classical home: European classical furniture culture is rich in content, suitable for European classical style decoration.

American furniture: the atmosphere is simple, the lines are casual but focus on clean and capable.

Chinese classical furniture: elegant and exquisite craftsmanship, fascinating. Not only beautiful, but also practical!

Neo-classical furniture: smooth lines, exquisite carvings. With a nostalgic and fashionable style image, not only the middle-aged and old people like it, but even a young person has begun to have a special liking for it.

Nature's fresh maple, rustic colors, make employees feel like working in a fresh and natural environment, with clear stripes and 2.5cm thick desktop

The thickened screen partition is sturdy and durable, and is not deformed. The surrounding corners are processed into rounded corners that do not hurt the hand, and the installation is simple and convenient.

Steel frame splicing, natural splicing, steel frame is more stable, easy to move, easy to splicing, you can also choose wooden frame splicing.

The movable cabinet adopts three-section guide rails and U-shaped handles. The aluminum alloy is not oxidized for 20 years, and the PU mute wheel is used at the bottom of the cabinet, which does not hurt the floor.



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