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Fashional double desk

The screen card of the office is generally composed of screens, countertops, tripods and other accessories. The screens divide the office space from the ground, so we call them card slots or partitions and compartments.  More than 90% of the current screen card positions are made of aluminum alloy.  The thickness of the frame is generally 20 mm, 30 mm and more, and the height is generally 950 mm, 1100 mm, 1200 mm, and the like.  Screen panels generally have hemp board, wood board, glass, etc. The choice of color is very much, pay attention to the overall match.  The size of the card position is 1400mm × 1400mm, 1200mm × 1200mm.  It also has a very strong sense of privacy for the personal space of office members. In terms of saving office space, screen card slots are also a good choice.     

This product is a modern office furniture independent office, designed for special positions.  Multiple storage cabinets, high-end panels, large space, safe storage, no need to worry about no place to put.

Adding fashion elements to the office, selecting quality materials and durability, make your office space more perfect and flexible.

The 25mm medium-density board raw material species is consistently subjected to chemical treatments for pest control and anti-corrosion, and has high strength, good rigidity, no deformation, and reasonable specific gravity.

The desktop screen design, proper isolation, retaining private space without affecting work communication.

Hidden wire trough, easy to organize wires, avoid hidden dangers of telephone exposure, durable, clean and tidy, can be installed

One lock and three pumping, the file is stored more.  No longer have to worry about the file not being placed.  The high-quality screen baffle allows the work between employees to be more invested, so that mutual interference can be minimized while facilitating communication.