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Fashional wood color staff desk
Fashional wood color staff desk

This product is specially designed for editors, clean and tidy, open office environment, which is conducive to better communication between colleagues, stimulate ideas and stimulate work interest.

Modern and simple fashion office furniture , with a face-to-face office screen table design, choose white as the main color, with a desktop screen, simple and atmospheric

E1 grade environmentally friendly sheet, healthy and environmentally friendly, no odor, easy to clean, simple color, let employees work in a fresh and natural environment.

Stable bracket, the table frame is made of high-quality stainless steel, strong and solid, available in black and white.

High-quality hardware accessories enhance the practicality of the computer desk. The aluminum alloy does not oxidize for 20 years.

One lock and three pumping, the file is stored more.  Anti-theft work cabinet design, simple to avoid the trouble of work, small design and perfect storage.

Selected high-quality melamine board, bright color, high hardness, wear resistance, good heat dissipation.  The surface is smooth and smooth, easy to maintain and clean.

The high-quality screen baffle allows employees to work more intensively, allowing mutual interference to minimize the impact and facilitate communication.