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President's Desk Purchasing Tips

Edit:Guangdong Aibi Office Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-08

How to choose the office furniture at the president's desk ? From office updates to office furniture choices, it is the process in corporate image design. The office not only provides us with office space, but also provides corporate images, so office furniture is very special. So what should we do to choose office furniture, reflecting the culture of the company? Most corporate comparisons nowadays appreciate the modern, simple style, which is simple and elegant and reflects the corporate level. Click to view the desktop, if the decoration is a certain style set at the beginning, then the choice of office furniture is the finishing touch of the decorative style. Next, Abby Medical Office Furniture will teach you some ways of office furniture.


First, the choice of office furniture begins with the specifications of the furniture. The size of the furniture has a great influence on the overall visual effect of the room and the impact on the use. It is best to find custom made furniture, Shanghai can provide free coverage of door size office furniture for customers. If it is not custom-made, you must first accurately measure the size of the interior layout before purchasing, and then choose the size of the appropriate furniture, otherwise it is easy to buy inappropriate furniture. This is very important. Otherwise, no eggs can be used.

Secondly, the office furniture style, color, function, texture, etc. should be considered. The reason can be coordinated with the office design, such as floor materials, home decoration, lighting, etc., to form a coherent echo, complement the overall indoor overall effect, in which the furniture color and the office background Coordination is especially important. For example, if the background color of the office is relatively heavy. Therefore, it is usually not suitable for choosing deep leather furniture. So dark furniture will feel dignity in the overall background color and will absorb light to create a heavy and dark indoor atmosphere. Again, choosing office furniture should focus on the color of the furniture. If it is too strong, it will be very unbearable, and it is easy to produce fatigue visual effects. Therefore, in general, it is more appropriate to choose harmonic colors. Of course, such a choice is not suitable for everyone, and some people prefer to pursue strong contrast and visual effects. Click to view the details of the desktop. In addition, you should carefully check and carefully consider the office furniture function compliance or not, quality. The office home has 6 functions for functions: sitting, arranging, locating, storing, supporting, suspending, summing up to two points, serving our body and storing items. Therefore, we must fully consider the compliance nature of furniture design.


First, can it support body science? Different age groups and body shapes have different requirements for certain details. It must be considered that, in addition to aesthetics and ease, it is necessary to provide sufficient storage as a whole, so there is a pre-judgment on the storage requirements of office furniture. Let you determine that the key to the acquisition must be the good reputation of the business and the perfect service. Therefore, your purchase of furniture will be with you for a long time to accompany you, to spend a good life with you; if the quality problems affect the normal office, it is not worth losing.