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What should I pay attention to when purchasing modern office furniture?

Edit:Guangdong Aibi Office Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-08

Nowadays, the quality of modern office furniture market is uneven. If you want to buy a safe furniture, in addition to finding a furniture company with good reputation, you must have certain ability to identify, especially some details must be noted.

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1 Before you buy system office furniture , you must set a price for yourself. How much does it cost? What style do you buy? Size? colour? It is best to master some furniture related knowledge, not to listen to furniture dealers.

2. Is the material of the furniture reasonable? Different furniture, surface materials are different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets require hardwoods, which are relatively strong and can bear the weight, while other materials can be used for internal materials.

3, when selecting chairs, stools, tables, you can drag on the concrete floor, gently fall and fall, the sound is crisp, indicating good quality; if the sound is dumb or murmur, it means that the blinking is not tight, the structure is not prison. If you are using tiles or carpets in the furniture market or in the exhibition hall, it is best to sit down and drag the chair table and shake it with your hands to see if it is stable. The sofa should sit down and shake it vigorously. If it is not moving, not soft, and no sound, it means the structure of the blink is relatively firm.

4. Touch the bottom of the furniture or the place where there is no paint on the hand. If it feels moist, the moisture content is at least 50%, which cannot be used at all. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted wood. If it is slow or not, it means water.