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Buy system office furniture to choose good quality

Edit:Guangdong Aibi Office Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-08

For many office workers, at least 8 hours a day on weekdays is to stay in the office, so the quality of office furniture affects the health of every employee. Faced with the variety of office furniture on the market, a consumer who does not understand the purchasing knowledge may pay more attention to the structural practicability and price of the furniture, but the internal quality is not recognized. Some office furniture will release harmful substances such as methanol, which will damage health in minutes. Therefore, Guanghui International Home Xiaobian now tells you about the purchasing skills of office furniture.

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First, smell

In addition to personalized office furniture , the market is now processed by the chemical industry and other products. Generally, there are some odors. If the odor is pungent, it is usually a chemical residue. Even if it is not a harmful substance, some smell is A kind of aroma, there is no obvious type of fragrance can not be. Normal is a little bit of taste, but not thick and not pungent, not aroma.

Second, the inspection quality report certificate

Regular merchants in the general market will have the certificate of the national standard "Houseware Materials Hazardous Substance Vector". If you don't have one, don't buy it. The methanol of wooden office furniture cannot be greater than 1.5 mg / liter. If you have a certificate, you must choose e1 or above, because this e1 is the material that is harmless to people.

Third, look at water content

The general system office furniture can be seen in this quality because the moisture content is high, the wood is easily deformed, rot, and the hardness is lowered. It is recommended that the moisture content of office furniture that you buy should not exceed 15%. I believe that everyone will not use any professional tester to measure it. There are two methods. One is to touch it by hand and touch it with a little bit of force. Then look at the color of the furniture on the finger, and smell the finger with the same taste as the furniture. It is estimated that the water content is high. The other is to put a little water on the furniture door, if it is not drowning or very slow, the water content is also very high.

Fourth, sign the contract

When customers purchase furniture, it is best to sign the "Furniture Sale Contract" and write the environmental protection clause into the contract.

Five, invoicing

Nowadays, a large number of consumers are tempted by low-cost dealers, taking white bars, receipts, etc., and when they go out of complaints about quality problems, such informal invoices are often difficult to use as valid evidence, so they buy The furniture must be issued by the dealer with a formal invoice.

Six, look at the brand

It is recommended that when you choose furniture, try to find some well-known brands in China, so that all aspects of product after-sales service are more secure.