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How to put stylish office furniture on the tall

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Many people think that the fashion office furniture bought for you is not the same as the one you imagined. In fact, the placement of office furniture is quite elegant. Good office furniture will stand up in the moment and stand tall. .

Office furniture is mainly designed in the following aspects, which will make office furniture stand out:

1. Office furniture should echo the customer's building structure. Reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the benefits of office space, office furniture should focus on the entire plane design.

Simple double desk

2, the placement of fashion office furniture should fully consider the customer's organizational structure, the number of departments and functions, to meet the special work of each department and the requirements for desktop space.

3, the design of office furniture should meet the needs of customer management culture, choose between openness and privacy, some companies emphasize communication and coordination, some companies emphasize trust and authorization, some emphasize independent work, office furniture design requirements Meet the convenience of customer management.

Stylish black manager

4. The highest realm of design is to create cultural value, and to create individuality, create beauty and artistic value. This requires us to combine the characteristics of the customer's corporate culture and product image. The low standard implements the decoration intention, conforms to the decoration style, and the high standard is to make up for the lack of decoration, and complements the decoration project.

The placement of office furniture is a reflection of the company's culture, and it is also the most striking part. The design of the office not only needs to consider the local conditions of all venues, but also consider how to better reflect the company's culture.

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