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Lightweight fashion office furniture procurement skills

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The company's system office furniture procurement usually has a high standard, especially in the environmental protection. In the process of purchasing, the office furniture manufacturer should first send you a set of furniture safety instructions, so the environmental protection grade of the board has The corresponding grade, generally speaking, the furniture grade is at the E1 level, and it is in line with the national ISO9001 quality system certification.

After the environmental protection meets the standards, it can be like the office furniture company to do several cases to see if there are familiar cases and check the address is true, to prevent some office furniture enterprises from using other furniture projects, the furniture company recommended to customers It should also be carefully considered. If the price is too high, you need to know where the high price appears, what the materials are used, how the quality assurance is, whether the product is matched, and whether it is timely to communicate with us.


If these are all passed, then we should know whether the furniture company has an exhibition hall for office furniture projects . If there is an exhibition hall, we can ask the scale of the exhibition hall and the address of the exhibition hall. After arriving at the exhibition hall, we can take a look at the entity. There are no similar products, how the design of the product is, and how to look at the fabric of the fabric, and the quality of the leather sofa, there are no signs of cracks.

If these are all done, you can also ask the office furniture manufacturer to produce a piece of office furniture that you value first. For a better period of time, you can sign a contract with them, and you also need Ask about the delivery time, as well as the repair time of the product during the use of the damage, and whether the cost is required, and the warranty time. These are all things to be aware of, and after these tasks are done, you can basically go to work.