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Personalized office furniture customization or finished products

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Many of today's system office furniture business services include free home measurement services. The overall office is actually a plan, so the overall plan is office furniture? If it is possible to measure the size?


First of all, what is the overall plan? Although each field, such as operations, rules, science, etc., defines the overall plan to suit its unique perspective, for everyone as a whole, the overall plan definition has this effect: given the overall, regardless of the overall will be supported by The people as a whole are used to request and support this requirement and will be reflected in this overall.

From this perspective, interior designers have indeed created creative solutions for many of the whole. In interior design terminology, the overall plan means that the two overall planners rely on the system, creatively based on consumer project requirements and other programming elements, to present and plan the initial 2D floor plan. The overall plan is one of the five basic design phases of the conceptual design phase. Click on the manufacturer of the office furniture website to get the latest office furniture design.

Two-person office screen card

Before starting a new system of office furniture or a master plan, it is equally important to understand the habits of the plan and understand the habits of providing consumers for the designer. The whole is three-dimensional, and the plan design office is based on two-dimensional planes, that is, design drawings, usually starting from the top, according to the reduced size or proportion as a pre-design method. Set up as office furniture, usually we can complete the office furniture, but now there are many enterprises in the office furniture, in the form of custom, from measurement to drawing, to furniture products, to door to door, installation, each link Send to an office furniture factory and corporate personnel only need to send a placement supervisor or project supervisor.