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Staff simple office screen
Staff simple office screen

Aibi modern office furniture uses thickened pipe wall, only thick pipe wall, after 90 degree bending, no wrinkles and no cracks, the interface part is neat, the screw position is aligned, the water chest part is polished. The desk design with trunking, the classic cable hole design, the computer cable and related wires through the wire hole size is moderately beautiful. The panel of the desk partition with cabinet is made of selected environmentally friendly materials, E1 grade, fireproof and waterproof, and the formaldehyde emission is lower than the national standard. The desk hides the plug-in cable trough, and has a unique hidden line of plug-in, integrated embedded technology, beautiful and worry-free, saving space and convenient use.  

Abby believes that customer choice is the greatest trust in the factory, so it is a real benefit for the factory to let customers know how to customize.

Abby insists that the good design will change from the appearance of drawings and lines to a good product and enter the customer's office life.

Abby promises to make reasonable use of the office space to create a modern, simple and beautiful office environment.