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Natural wood color file cabinet
Natural wood color file cabinet

What is a file cabinet?  As the name implies, it is a cabinet for placing documents, materials, etc. The form of Guiyang filing cabinets is quite numerous. There are many types, such as wooden cabinets, cabinets with cloths, etc. File cabinets are classified according to different materials. Mainly divided into the following categories:
 1, plastic file cabinet
 Plastic file cabinet is actually a file cabinet, mainly used to store some frequently used files, but it should be noted that it can not store too heavy file data, pay attention to its load capacity, if you do not pay attention, it will let it Deformation.
 2, steel file cabinet


At present, the steel file cabinet is the most popular. The steel file cabinet is a green and environmentally-friendly file cabinet, which is convenient for long-distance haulage. It is mainly used to store long-term preservation of documents. Product features: from the material point of view It is made of high-quality steel plate, which can be made by cutting, stamping, welding and then assembling. The paint spray can make the cabinet surface not easy to fall off from the cabinet surface, which is environmentally friendly and durable, and also beautiful. It has extended its service life. After the enhanced treatment, it has a strong function and can store a large number of books, which is their advantage.
 3, wooden file cabinet
 The appearance of the wooden file cabinet seems to be relatively high-grade. Generally, such a file cabinet is used to be placed on the table of the big boss. Such a file cabinet looks retro.      

Solid wood floor filing cabinets can be designed according to the different conditions of the office .  The file cabinets are atmospheric and sleek, with an executive desk or separate.  Office data cabinet, the design is streamlined, the color can have a variety of options, this color is deep, whether it can make people quickly and quietly at work, only think agile, and thus improve work efficiency.

This solid wood floor-standing filing cabinet adopts a one-shaped handle, and the mold is integrally molded by die-casting. The surface is frosted and the touch is warm.

High-quality hinges, beautiful surface, cushioned opening and closing design, is the preferred material in the hardware industry.

Solid wood filing cabinet with 0.6mm glass door, bright and beautiful to add an elegant to the office.

The file cabinet board adopts thick layered board, high quality and high load-bearing board, safe and durable, easy to install and easy to disassemble.