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Guangdong Aibik office Equipment products co.,Ltd
With a registered capital of 68.8 million, Abby is an office furniture manufacturer located in Heshan City, Jiangmen, Pearl River Delta;
The company has passed ISO9001\ISO14001\OSA18001 system certification, and has more than 60 national appearance patents and more than 10 national utility model patents;
The company has built 30,000 square meters of production, sales and research base. The company has modern office screens, modern steel and wood system office furniture, modern office software, hardware, environmental office furniture, fashion office furniture, modern office furniture, personalized office furniture, system office furniture. , teaching office furniture, medical office furniture, staff desk, president's desk and other workshops and 3000 square meters of physical exhibition hall, providing office furniture engineering services, products are sold in Guangdong Zhongshan, Shunde, Lecong, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xianghe Waiting for the place.
The company sincerely invites the national office furniture store and office engineering supporting dealers to undertake OEM processing at the same time;
Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit and negotiate business!